Spill Cleanup Directions for SafeMedWaste

Review the below instructions before attempting to clean up spilled contents of a SafeMedWaste container. Note: Recommended cleanup instructions vary dependent on the physical state of the spilled material. Read directions carefully.

  1. SAFETY FIRST Before starting cleanup, put on the appropriate personal protection equipment. Refer to the SafeMedWaste Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommended personal protection equipment. As a minimum requirement, chemical resistant gloves, safety eyewear, and a facemask are strongly advised.
  2. STOP SPREAD Return the spilled SafeMedWaste container to an upright position and apply a liberal coating of non-reactive spill absorbent to any liquid or gel portions of the spill to prevent spread. Take care not to touch or step in the spilled material.
  3. DRY SPILL While the liquid and gel portion of the spill is being solidified by the spill absorbent, sweep up any visible dry material that may have spilled (taking care not to create dust) and transfer to the SafeMedWaste container the spill originated from.
  4. LIQUID/GEL SPILL When the liquid and gel portions of the spill have been sufficiently solidified by the absorbent, scoop up the solidified waste and transfer to the SafeMedWaste container the spill originated from. Sweep or wipe the entire spill area and transfer any additional collected residue to the same container.
    1. Using cold water only, thoroughly mop or wipe the entire spill area.
    2. Before using a cleaning product, mop or wipe the spill surface area twice more with cold water (rinse the mop/wipe between each cycle).
    3. As the final step, mop or wipe the affected surface with a standard cleaning solution.
  6. ACTIVATE SAFEMEDWASTE Slowly, in parts, add cold water to the SafeMedWaste container that the spill originated from until the water level is just under the FILL LINE located on the container label.
  7. SECURE CONTAINER Make sure the container lid, (plus port cap, and pressure valve port cap for drums) is secure and allow the SafeMedWaste container to sit for 48 hours. IMPORTANT: If the PV port cap on the drum lid has been exposed to the contents of the container, remove it from the lid and flush thoroughly with cold water before reinstalling.
  8. TOOL CLEANUP If the tools (including mophead and wipes) used for spill cleanup are reusable, rinse thoroughly with cold water, then wash with a standard cleaning solution. Wipe dry or allow to air dry before stowing.
  9. DISPOSAL Dispose of the container and its contents as non-hazardous waste after the 48 hour waiting period.

These directions are specific to spill cleanup of SafeMedWaste and are not intended to replace any portion of facility safety or regulatory compliance requirements not covered in these instructions.